[WTS] LoL account all champions tons of skins Now only 100$

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    Hello my name is Ronakk i am decently known in league of legends also an admin on a fanbase site called Leaguecraft. I have been playing league less and less now and finally think its time to stop. So i am here to sell my account for 120$. My Account is level 30 i own every single champion and alot of skins. I will post some screenshots and name the skins i have for you. You can reach me on xfire= Upgradde or Msn= Upgraddelive USA account would like the payment with paypal This account is worth over 500$ selling it for 70% off FIRST COME FIRST SERVE I have every champion besides the new guy I Own six rune pages and alot of runes i will post screen shot if you need one Rating is in 1500 across the board in ranked i have 176 wins and 139 losses in normal i have 821 wins and 674 losses This is the list of skins i have Akali -All star Alistar- Matador Amumu- Re-gifted and pharaoh Anivia- Noxus hunter and Bird of prey Annie- Red Riding Ashe- Freljord, Sheerwood, and woad. Blitz- Goalkeeper Blitz Caitlyn- None Cassiopeia- None Cho'Gath- Nightmare and Gentleman. Corki- Red baron Dr.mundo- Mr.mundoverse, Corporate Mundo Eve- Masquerade Ezreal- frosted and Striker Fiddlesticks- Spectral Galio- None Gangplank- Minuteman Garen- Dreadknight Gragas- Scuba Heimerdinger- Alien invader Irelia- None Janna- Tempest Jax-Angler Karma- None karthus- Phantom,Statue of karthus,Grim reaper. kassadin-Deep one katarina-Red card and mercenary Kayle- Unmasked and Viridian Kennen- Karate, swamp master and deadly Kog maw- Monarch, caterpillar and sonoran Leblanc-none Lux-none Malphite- Shamrock and Coral reef Malzahar- Vizier and shadow prince Maolai- None master yi- Chosen Miss fortune- None Mordekaiser- Dragon Knight and infernal Morgana- Exiled Nasus- Galactic and Pharaoh Nidalee- French maid and Pharaoh Nunu- Sasquatch Olaf- Glacial and Brolaf Pantheon- mymidon Poppy- Noxus Rammus- Chrome Renekton- None Ryze- Uncle Shaco- Mad hatter Shen- Yellow jacket Singed- Riot squad singed *RARE* Sion- Hextech Sivir- Spectacular Sona- SIlent night Soraka- Dryad Swain-None Taric- Emerald Teemo- Recon. Badger, and astronaut Tristana- Riot girl and Firefighter Trundle-NONE Tryndamere- Highland Twisted fate- None Twitch- Gangster Udyr- Black belt and Primal Urgot- None Veigar- White mage Vladimir- None Warwick- Feral, Big bad warwick Xin zhao- Commando and imperial Zilean- Groovy wow that took a while
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