WTS: Lol account 74 champs 38 skins cheap

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    noteable Characters /skins Akali (crimson legacy) alistar (long horn/unchained) amumu (pharaoh) annie (frostfire) brand (vandal) corki (urf) ezreal (pulsefire) gangplank (minuteman) garen (steel legion/senguine) gragas (gragas esq) jax (vandal) kayle (judgement) kogmaw (butterfly because its awesome) lee sin (dragon fist) nasus (Dreadnight) nidalee (french maid) olaf (forsaken) pantheon (perseus) poppy (battle regalia) renekton (galactic) ryze (zombie) shaco (mad hatter) sion (hextech) teemo (astronaut) tristana (bucaneer/riot girl) trundle (lil'slugger) twisted fate (jack of hearts) vladamir (vandal) warwick (Tundra hunter) As well as many other champs silver border s2 including all adc five rune books tons of runes and quints for all rolls and 6k ip if one of the 74 other champs isnt the one u want looking for 100 but shoot me up an offer mustaphakireche
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.