[WTS] LoL account 1500 elo

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    The champions i own are: akali, alistar, amumu, annie, ashe, blitzcrank, brand, caitlyn, corki, mundo, eve, ezreal, fiddlesticks, fizz, gangplank, garen, gragas, graves, irelia, janna, jarvan, jax, karthus, kassadin, kayle kennen, kog'maw, leblanc, lee sin, lux, master yi, mordekaiser, morgana, nasus, nidalee, nocturne, nunu, olaf, orianna, pantheon, poppy, rammus. rumble, ryze, shaco, shen, singed, sion, sivir, skarner, sona, soraka, swain, taric, teemo, tristana, tryndamere, twisted fate, twitch, udyr, vayne, veigar, viktor, vladimir, volibear, warwick, wukong, xerath, xin zhao, yorick. SKins: Lion dance kog'maw, Yellow jacket Shen, Highland Tryndamere, kingpin twitch, nottingham ezreal, big bad warwick, unchained alistar, urf rider, corki, sandscourge skarner, riot girl tristana, commando xin zhao Runes: Armor and magic pen marks. Armor, Flat dmg, hp regen per level seals. magic resist per level glyphs. Armor pen and movement speed Quints. 1500elo, 1700 rp on account. PM ME. 55$ USD.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.