WTS: LOL ACC Tons of rare skins!!! and runes NA 84 Champs COME LOOK

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    Hello Summoners ^_^ I'd like to sell my personal account which has a bunch of rares. I have a c/o of 120 Euros for it. Please PM if anyone else is interested or leave your on this thread and I will get back to you. I realize I am a new member on this forum so I will be willing to go first If your are a reputable member here. I'm also willing to trade. Money order or bank transfers only. No paypal! GL and Happy Bidding Blood Moon Akali Unchained Alistar Pharoah Amumu Boom boom Blitzcrank Piltover Costums Blitzcrank Apocalyptic Brand Cryocore Brand Arctic Warfare Caitlyn Nightmare Chogath Mr Mundoverse Executioner Mundo Nottingham Ezreal Striker Ezreal Gatekeeper Galio Spooky Gangplank Minuteman Gangplank Sailor Gangplank Sanguine Garen Nightblade Irelia Aviator Irelia Vandal Jax Angler Jax Jaximus Red Card Katarina Silver Kayle Judgement Kayle Deadly Kennen Swamp Master Kennen Monarch KogMaw Traditional Lee Sin Sorc Lux Spelltheif Lux Assassin Master Yi Chosen Master yi Ionia Master yi Headhunter Master yi Infernal Mordkeiser Lord Mordkeiser Galactic Nasus Pharoah Nasus Dreadnight Nasus Frozen Terror Nocturne Forsaken Olaf Glacial Olaf Ruthless Pantheon Blacksmith Poppy Professor Ryze Dark Crystal Ryze Mad Hatter Shaco Frozen Shen Yellow Jacket Shen Riot Squad Singed Hex Tech Singed Mad Scientest Singed Hextech Sion Barbarian Sion Warmonger Sion Sandscourge Skarner Earthrune Skarner Pentakill Sona Northern Front Swain Bilgewater Swain Astronaut Teemo Super Teemo Lil slugger trundle junkyard trundle The magnificent twisted fate General Wu Kong Viscero Xin Zhao - - - Updated - - - Willing to share screen on to verify account and show partial reciepts!
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