WTS: Lol Acc lvl 30, 30 Champs, 16 Skins, 3 Rune Pages, Silver II

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    Champs and Skins : Alistar Annie Ashe Cho'Gath Fiddlesticks Fizz Gangplank Garen Jarvan IV - Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV Jax Kayle - Judgment Kayle Lee Sin - Acolyte Lee Sin Master Yi - Chosen Master Yi - Ionia Master Yi Mordekaiser Nasus Nautilus Nocturne - Frozen Terror Nocturne Nunu Olaf - Glacial Olaf Pantheon - Ruthless Pantheon - Myrmidon Pantheon - Perseus Pantheon Poppy Ryze Sion Teemo - Super Teemo Tristana Tryndamere Vi - Neon Strike Vi Warwick - Firefang Warwick Wukong Xin Zhao - Imperial Xin Zhao - Viscero Xin Zhao - Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao Runes AD 3 Rune Pages Price : $60 Add me live:myheartdrawsadream Trade for Guild Wars 2 Account
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.