WTS: LOL acc 30 level NA !! 60 CHAMPS 24SKINS (BROLAF) ! 5 RUNE PAGES WITH RUNES!!Middleman Seller Guide

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    Hi! Today i want to sell my second account I didn;t play on it for really long time (i moved to eu servers when they were stable) Account is on US server, and it have 60 champs, 24 skins and 5 rune pages with runes. It don't have badge, so you can get silver or gold yourself.(I had about 1500 elo in s2) If you don;t trust me, I can share screen with you and show you acc. MY : malbijestniefajny I didn;t set price yet, so write here or on and we can trade Selling methodes: -with (verified from this forum) -with playerup.com -or you pay first. You can see all in these screens: champions: i46.tinypic/262qlfk.jpg acc:i45.tinypic/15wkmys.jpg runes:i47.tinypic/2rpen2q.jpg SKINS: Stinger Akali Unchained Alistar Emumu FrostFire Annie Loch Ness Cho'Gath Fiddle Me Timbers Traditional Karma Judgment Kayle Traditional Lee Sin Shadow Prince Malzahar Cowgirl Miss Fortune Dreadknight Nasus Void Nocturne Haunting Nocturne Sasquatch Nunu BROLAF! Sewn Chaos Orianna Royal Shaco Riot Girl Tristana Lil' Slugger Trundle HighLand Tryndamere Gangster Twitch Primal Udyr Vandal Vladimir
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.