WTS Loads of toons 2 accounts Look inside

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    WTS all of my toons im giving up the game. Both have all Expansions 1.220/20 soldier. Full ql 300 CC 1K Token board Tier 3 shoulderpad with Ofab Shoulderpad And OFAB Soldier Protective Gear Backpiece 5% dreadlock Shark. 200-220 symbs Dreadlock Boss Hud Items Viral Targeting Subunit QL 300 MOR,Blind ring,QL200 supernova, 202 Aruls+DD rings PVP and PVM setup. 2.216/15+ Advy 1K Token board Full IS armor 3-4 IS Ncu for making 100% unrootable and snare ql 220-240 Symbs 3.210/15+ Shade 200-240 Spirits Mystical evade armor + Ofab armor 4.211+/10+ Nanotech Le nukes SL nukes Rk nukes QL 200 symbs 5.211+/10+ Bureaucrat 300+ token board 190-200QL symbs Ql125 Arablast all 220 LE pet nanos from BS Vp Nanite Advanced Red Tape,Normalised Improved Red Tape,Improved Red Tape,Rabies, and all other Vp nanos. 6.200/5+ Agent Symbs shared with soldier 7.160+/10+ Fixer twink Shared symbs sold and agent has dual B blackbirds with AS onehander also has Ga4 8.120/5+ [censored]-Physicist Notucomm mesh coat has all mochies and buffing nanos highest pets can turn into Twink for new PF sector Made own Imps for top pets 9.10+/1+ Enf tower twink lol has carb and medsuit Icebreaker wep made own imps Alot of these Toons have more then mentioned to much to type down. All these Characters for 500$ If i change my mind i may lower it but this is the current price please do not ask for me to lower it ask you may get more information But i have to be Extra carefull because of the Admins and people from my Alert Admins Thread from the Endgame Bots that raid Pande who will and try to Get me banned on Purpose. Please leave a post Before Sending a PM or an email
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.