WTS: Loaded Halloween/Limited/Legacy + A lot of Skins an ONLY MISSING 15 CHAMPS :D

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    : Mikah Menor / Mikey Menor TO CONTACT FOR PROOF All The Skins: *CAPS ARE EITHER LEGACY OR LIMITED EDIITON SKINS* Unchained Alistar Little Knight Amumu Reversed Annie DEFINITELY NOT BLITZCRANK Apocalyptic Brand Vandal Brand Desperada Cassiopeia PUMPKINHEAD FIDDLESTICK Surprise Party Fiddlestick SCUBA GRAGAS HEADLESS HECARIM Piltover Custom Heimerdinger Hextech Janna Sakura Karma Pentakill Karthus Sandstorm Katarina JUDGEMENT KAYLE MECHA KHAZIX Deep Sea KogMaw Wicked Leblanc Prestigious Leblanc DragonFist LeeSin Sorceress Lux Commando Lux Shadow Prince Malzahar HAUNTED MAOKAI Headhunter Master Yi Cowgirl Miss Fortune Waterloo Miss Fortune Pharoah Nidalee Forsaken OlafSewn Chaos Orianna Myrmidon Pantheon Outback Renekton Rumble in the Jungle Royal Shaco Darkflame Shyvana Augmented Singed PAX SIVIR Guqin Sona Tyrant Swain Cottontail Teemo Lil Slugger Trundle Tango Twisted Fate Gangster Twitch Primal Udyr Aristocrat Vayne Vandal Vladimir TIME MACHINE ZILEAN SILVER ELO SEASON 1 N 2 UNRANKED SEASON 3 Has Halloween and Winter Icons. : Mikah Menor I'm new to buying and selling and would rather have a Middle Man unless you seem reasonable/not shady. If theres something you wanna know i can screen share as proof using ! OFFER
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.