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    Im looking to sell my char on Lineage2Dreams 10x Server Destiny. The server has 1800 players at peak hours which can be checked on there website. Both chars have English names and are total unknowns on the server. Doombringer - Level 79 Great Sword focus +purple augment that works ok with this char. Common A Armor +3 Phoe necklace/earring Phoe Ring Common Maj Ring Common C grade Earring Fully dyed for PvP/Oly (this wont slow you down while you lvl) 4k Greater/Normal cp pots. Enough mats for you to craft whatever you like, has 6k+ varnish and of most other base mats. Has alot of important quests done, and alot of QI for quests such as "The Zero Hour" (Mats from stakato nest), "War with Varka" (S grade armor recs). 185kk Adena Great Wolf level 58 + top gear (worth about 150kk) 2.5k of bottled souls, this will let you PvP with max souls for weeks. PL Set (For subs) Common items (For subs) 100k+ SSB in WH On my WC box is a divine set + common armor/m.def. He has a deadmans glory haste with a purple augment that is of great benefit to this char. Level 53 wolf with top gear (worth about 10kk) I've put alot of time and effort into these chars, I was planning on joining a clan next week so I could siege the week after, however im starting a new job and wont have time to compete on a low rate Lineage 2 server and my paypal is verified since 2007. maxcheaters/forum/index.php?topic=215186.msg1866969#msg1866969 I sold this account on mxc.
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