[WTS] lineage2.eu - INNOVA - CORE Char + Adena[very cheap]

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    Wts Sws lvl 72, char got TOI ring max Many Armor/Weapon seal scrolls B C D grade Armor seal scrol S80 Weapon seal scroll S grade Armor Seal Scroll R grade Armor Seal Scroll S grade Many Enchant armor/weapon C D grade Weapon Ecnhant B Grade 6Armor Enchant B grade 1Blessed Armor Enchant B grade 1Armor Enchant A grade 150Moonstones Random materials like Oriharukon SOP Silver Mold Mithril alloy etc.. Tallum Boots Armor of Nightmare(can be sold at any shop for 4.5kk adena) Undedifiend Drag Leather helm Major Arcana Circlet(can be sold at any shop for 2.4kk adena) Undedifiend Imperial Crusader Guantels 4High Lifestone Level 85 1Top Lifestone R grade(best Ls in game) Cat ears Santa Girls Cloak 22days left 28million adena all 40 euro
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.