WTS Lifetime US account lev 60 hunter 175 bid 250 buyout

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    hello, I have a max lev 60 hunter, and 3 other characters around lev 20. i have supreme weaponsmithing on my main and supreme jewellry on one of the lev 20s. I have mines of moria unlocked. The gear on the hunter is all teal, he has the most expensive and best gear that you can buy (including 2 turtle bracelets that were 20g each) and 3 pieces of rad gear, and a few lev 59-60 2nd agers. he has a few legendary traits unlocked, and the equipped char traits are around 8. I paid 60g for a awesome 2nd age crossbow before they made the changes that allowed people to craft the 2nd agers. He has around 10g on him, and about 25-35g in sellable items(the items i have to sell would sell pretty quickly, im just lazy and havent played in a while). This is a lifetime account, im the only person that has ever owned the account and since its a lifetime account you will never have to pay any monthly fees. (i paid the original 300 dollars for the lifetime subscription) I also have the pc discs and if you need/want those i can ship them for additional gil/gear. This is a US account. ps. any1 taking over the account i will also be willing to share a bit of a secret on how to make tons and tons of gold on the game at no extra cost! also i would be comfortable with giving you my personal information, such as home phone number etc if you would like to discuss it over the phone.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.