WTS lifetime LOTRO account. End Game suited.

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    This account has been owned since the game first started, the lore master has always been the main character and has a lot of time spent on making her the best she can possibly be. Aside from making the different characters great, a lot of time has been spent on collecting items, such as titles, mounts, housing items and cosmetics. This account would be really well suited to anyone wanting to focus on end game content and a real love of the story and journey of the game. This account is Lifetime and has all expansions to Mirkwood, this includes the new Endewith content with Ost Dunhoth Raid. Lore-Master lv65 Full BG set, 2 OD (raid ready) Treasury Stone, onyx and emerald ring, shadow and flame cloak and various other rare drop/epic items lvl65 first age and second age staffs and first age book, maxed 3,000,000 ixp runes 249 medallions of the north-men ( used for armour in OD) Lots of jewellery and armour in bags and vault for changing build. Also lots of cosmetic pieces. Loads of crafting mats in vault for sm scholar Loads of consumables food, pots, hope tokens Lots of legendary scrolls ready for new weapons 100 gold 40,00dp 2010 lotro store points Extended vault space Deluxe house with rare drop item nanu's hiding place and moria keg. All traits, skills and deeds are capped Stats are perfect for the class, and with switching around a few bits of armour and jewellery etc you can alter her build easily. Kindred standing with most Rep's Rank7 in ettenz, almost rank 8 Sm scholar and farmer, kindred with scholar guild 14 mounts including 2 goats lvl65 hunter - raid ready Sm cook, prospector and jeweller, kindred with jeweller guild lvl65 first age bow and lvl65 second age sword. Amber Ring, whay! lol Loads of jewellery and armour good for mixing round to change your build. All deeds, skills and virtues are capped for this character Loads of crafting mats for cooking and making hope pots etc 4 scrolls of empowerment 236 medallions of the north-men (used for getting new armour from OD) Rank 4 in ettenz 25gold Vault full of crafting mats, armour and jewellery, consumables and legendary scrolls for new weapons. 3 mounts including goats Captain Lvl63 First age halberd and class wep Full moria armour including the 2 watcher items Good jewellery including manadhechor Sm forester and tailor kindred with tailors guild All deeds, skills and virtues are capped. Vault and bags are full of crafting mats, class items, jewellery, armour and weapons. Goat and horse mounts including festival mounts This character is really well set up, but stopped levelling so I could focus more on LM and Hunter, however it would not take long to get her raid ready, 2 lvl s and some new armour and weapons, she'll be good to go. Burg lvl 54 Good armour and weapons for the lvl also has high lvl legendary weapons in vault ready for 60-65 All critted jewellery and armour. has goat and horse mounts Vault full of ixp and items for higher levels Lvl49 Rune Keeper Good armour for her lvl Virtues and traits are in good order Crafting, scholar up to artisan. Rank 5 Warg I don't really want to name the server this account is on, but the sever is full of end game focused kins and is an EU server. Over 4 years has been spent on this account, by and end game focused player. As so much time has been invested into this account and especially on the Lore Master and hunter, i'm only going to except an offer that reflects the quality of this account. PM with offers
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