WTS: Lifetime Account with 9 65s

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    I am interested in selling my lifetime account, but will just hold onto it if I don't get a good offer. It has no marks against it and has well over 1000 gold between all the characters. It has 9 65s (one of every class). Every 65 has at least one 2nd age 65 LI, and several have 2. About half of the 2nd age 65 LIs are fully leveled to ilvl 70 and their legacy tiers have been almost entirely maxed with scrolls of empowerment. Every character is setup with at least the teal loth gear and several have 4 Moria set-pieces + 2 DG set-pieces. There is one supreme master of every crafting profession and a kindred guilded crafter in every profession except cooking. All are friendly with loth so you can make the loth 1-shot gear to sell and make quite a bit of cash. Every character has a goat for Moria and at least 1 rep mount with 250 morale, so you won't be getting knocked off your mount very often. One character has the world-reknowned mount which is slightly faster than all other mounts. Every character has several t6 relics and some have many. Since this is a lifetime account, I have gotten quite a lot of "free" turbine points and spent them entirely on vault and shared storage upgrades, as well as stat tomes. I don't know the exact number, but I have probably purchased over 40 stat tomes for these characters. Storage on every character and my deluxe house is pretty much full to the brim with crafting materials, ixp runes, barter items, consumables, and tokens. There are so many other things I could list, but I think I hit all the important points. If I left out anything important, feel free to ask. I have never seen another account of this calibre, so I am not sure how much to ask for. Just send me your offers and I'll decide if it's worth parting with it.
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