WTS: Lifetime account. Hardcore raider/pvp ready. Huge amount of stuff included

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    Due to increased RL commitments, I no longer have time to play the game, yet sometimes find myself wandering back on, despite having greater priorities. So this seems like the perfect solution, as I would have no way back, and also get the opportunity to make back some of the absurd amount of money I have ploughed into the game. Anyway, here are the main features/highlights of my account: - Lifetime membership with all current content. account has been active since the early days of SoA and has all content purchased and permanently unlocked. 6 year frame. - Level 85 captain w/ lvl 85 first age sword and emblem, top end jewellery + armour, including several gold items. Rank 10 w/ full audacity. level 16 traits, all stat tomes up to rank 7. kindred with the majority of factions. (basically a fully geared hardcore raiding and pvp character) - other chars - level 85 hunter (half-decent gear), lvl 75 burglar, lvl 65 champ, LM and minstrel, other characters range from 30-60. r7 warg w/ all but one map and a r4 WL. - 2000+ TP, plus 500 each month, forever! - 3.5k gold - 500k destiny points - 150k marks / 6k medallions / 330 seals - 7k commendations - 80 slots of shared storage - 185 Mithril coins - premium wallet and 6th bag - around 40-50 mounts - all crafts max-levelled and highest standing with guilds, apart from cook, weapon and armour smith. - deluxe house - vaults absolutely stacked full of consumables, crafting materials, alternative gear, cosmetics and store bought items. There are no doubt loads of things I have forgotten. If you'd like to know anything more specific, I am open to all questions via PM. Server revealed in PM. Anymore questions, please also PM me. Serious offers from PayPal users only please. Thanks for looking
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