WTS: LIFETIME ACC 2 x 65 Warden & Rune-Keeper , good geared

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    Hello Because I cannot dedicate my time to play in Lotro anymore due to RL I decided to sell my account. Account is Lifetime VIP account . This account is former EU account but since Turbine took over EU Lotro now it is just global account and you can create / transfer(with exception of those that are full) character to all servers. and play on US servers as well. Laurelin EN Server. High Populated. I've bought Mines of Moria and Siege of Mirkwood expansions and they are added to this account. Other perks: 50 Shared Storage Slots avabile to all characters 9 Character Slots over 6400 Turbine Points!!!! Deluxe House Many starter, cosmetic and fluff items for every new character. 280 000+ Destiny Points. Remember Lifetime account give you Permenent VIP status, so you dont have to pay subscription to be VIP. What is Lotro Lifetime VIP? This give you access to all content updates besides next full expansions. You have unlocked all regions, swift travel, all crafting ,all bags ,jsut everything.You also will get free 500 TP every month. You will never have to pay subscription since you have exactly same permenent status like subscriber have. Characters There are 4 characters on this account: 65 lvl Warden, 65 lvl Rune-Keeper , 2 low levels – both with vaults filled with crafting and other stuff. Two 65 lvl characters : female Warden (former main) and female Rune-Keeper (was new main till recently). 1.Warden Level 65. 4 Second age level 65 Weapons, with maxed lvl 70 xp. All weapons have 7 legacies!! (new maximum is 6 , cannot get 7 anymore). Of course there are Extraordinary Tier 6 Relics and Old Tier 9 (non achiveable anymore) slotted. 95% of legacies have maxed tiers. That mean tier 6 ofc. 2 weapons are for tanking , and 2 for dps. ICPR is over 1600 !!!!! while in Tanking (conservation) stance. Captain and scroll buffed: 650 might , 640 + Agility and Vitality (~`around 600 without captain buff) 4900 Melee Defense overcapped for tanking 65+ raid mobs/bosses. (3900 unbuffed). Added + 50 stat tomes to Might, Agility , Vitality , Will and Fate stats !!!! Sets: Full Moria Set Full DN Set Full Annuminas 65 Set Full Helegrod 65 Set 3/6 BG Set 17 out of 20 Virtues are at tier 10 which is maximum. 3 others at tier 8 or 9. All crucial ones are at tier 10 ofc. Of course all Epic quests, Class quests, etc are done, all skills and traits unlocked. Current build has almost 8300 morale and about 2500 power, it is becasue I have been playing rune keeper for past weeks, but with new relics that came with updatesI can tell you how or set for you if you wish after you buy , new relic set that will give you additional + 800-900 morale and + 400 power at expense of some icpr and vitality. This can be done in 10 minutes because. This character has: 6000 legendray shards to meld into relics more than 20 of unused T6 (incling few old T9) and crafted relics Character also has 6 mln xp in xp runes for your future weapons. Other stuff: 19 Mounts!! Including meta-deed : Lothlorien Wild Mountain Goat, Moria Black Goat, Elf Ambassador Horse and Eriador Horse. He is also SM Jeweler (kindred with guild), SM Cook and Prospector. Kindred with all factions beside Elfgang and beer factions (thou Ally with IL). alot of jewelery and other armor pieces in vault. 2. Rune- Keeper Level 65. With dps weapons. 5700+ (almost 5800) Morale. 4880 Power. Over 1000 ICPR. Capped tactical crit rating, almost capped tactical offence (capped with + 1% self buff). 4 Level 65 Second Age Legendary weapons. That include : Lighting DPS stone, Lighting DPS satchel, Fire DPS stone and healing satchel. All have 7 legacies and are at lvl 70 of xp. Many especially Lighting Stone and Satchel have most of legacies at maximum tier. There is also good healing stone thou level 60. There are also enough relics ,and xp runes to level additional weapons and few unbound RK Second Age 65 lvl stones. 5/6 Moria Set 3/6 DN Set Very good jewelery from drops or craft. SM Kindred Tailor, SM Forester and Prospector. Kindred with half of factions. Added + 50 stat to Will, Fate and Vitality. There are also 2 low level alts: One is Kindred with Weaponsmith Guild , and is tier 6 Weaponsmith and Scholar. + is geared in crit crafted items ready to go level Both are storage mules. Low level characters have vaults filled fully with stuff , mostly with all kinds of crafting materials diffrent quanitities and for various tiers, even hundreds or 1k + for certain things/mats types . This includes mostly unprocessed wood, ingots, one time recipes, schoolar mats, various crit items , many rep items, few cosmetics items and some random stuff. House chests are also filled with food, pots, class consumeables and crafting mats and some random stuff. Higher level characters apart of armors, bling , some medalions and random stuff, also have some crafting mats for their professions and also guild symbols. There are also 13 UNUSED Stat tomes from drops , various stats and tiers Stat tomes are VERY RARE to aquire in game and are very rarely on ah for very high prices. Additional info: I am away from home at weekend , but I will be back in sunday. I will try to answer all questions and inquires when I get back. (possibly earlier if I can find time and access to internet in a place at will be at weekend). PM me if you have any questions.
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