[WTS] Level 99 Jobs 13 Total: Relic Great Katana Empy x4 on Sylph ($600)

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    Original Owner Transfer Open Sky Sea Open VWNM Jeuno and City Paths Complete Loads Of Atmas Amazing Gear Sets Macro Pallets saved for Computer If Any Questions Let me know can for Fast Contact But Write Me Through Site First if no reply im at work can write me on Yahoo then Comes With WHM99 RDM99 BLM95 Mule For Dual Box Abilitys Noteable Gear Amanomurakumo (95) Ukonvasara (85) Verethragna (85) Kannagi (85) Amanomurakumo (95) Armageddon (85) Supernal Knife Owleyes Twilight Helm Athos Chapeau Twilight Mail Mekira Meikogai Ogier's Surcoat Aces Mail Koga Chaimail+2 Mextli Harness Loki's Kaftan Anhur Robe Armada Hauberk (STP+4 DA+2 Subtle Blow+3) Dalmatica (MAB +4 Occ. Quickens Spell +1%) Crm.Scale Mail Ambushers hose Homan Cosciales Houyi's Gorget Ocelot Trousers Hct. Mittens+1 (Crit+3%) Warr.Cuisses+2 War. Mufflers+2 Sao Kote+2 Assassins Armlets+2 Ocelot Gloves Koga Tekko+2 Fajin Boots Dilarams Sollerets Rheic Schuhs+1 Twilight Belt Goading Belt Phasmida Belt Bullwhip Belt Hecates Earring Suppanomimi Eponas Ring Twilight Knife Wroth playerup.com Athos Boots Rebeus Boots AF3 Armor Samurai 4/5 +2 Hands+1 Warrior 5/5 +2 Ranger 5/5 +2 WHM head and legs 2/5 +2 MNK 5/5 NIN 5/5 BLM 3/5 BST 1/5 Sellables Mekira Oto +1 Grim Cuirass+1 Ocelo. Headpiece Brego Gloves Arhats Gi +1 Scorpion Harness+1 Melaco Mittens Avants Cuisses+1 Feronias Bangles+1 Hagneia Stone Zahaks Mail Hermes' Sandals Emissary Boots Wiglen Gorget Justiciars Torque Rancor Collar Ire Torque+1 Windbuffet Belt Chiners Belt Flume Belt Beir Belt+1 Brown Belt Sheltered Ring Tyrants Ring Paguroidea Ring Pyrosoul Ring Stormsoul Ring Thief Knife Maneater Vulcan Staff Aquilos Staff Terra Staff Jupiters Staff Apollos Staff Plutos Staff
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