[WTS] Level 85 Mithra Thief on Bismarck ($600)

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    OO of this account and it has been active for about 8 yrs.
    -8 lvl 99 jobs WHM THF BRD DNC BST RNG NIN BLM SMN 89 COR 81 PLD 80
    - full +2s for all excluding one job; brd
    -lil under 2 mil in gil on char
    -has about 10m dyna currency & 7 mil in sellables
    -Empyrean weapons: 90 Twashtar & 85 Gambanteinn + 20 sobek skins, was planning on Kannagi
    -100 Woodworking + 90 fishing, sub crafts are not completely done but still able to make profit
    -also have a mule with 91 leathercraft and clothcraft 50, never bothered to finish
    -char has great mage & dd atmas + plenty of aby stones
    -World transfer available
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Thread Status:
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