WTS: Level 65 Hunter ! (One of the Best Ever)

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    Armour: Annuminas - 5/6 Nenuials Cloak Nenuials Breastplate Nenuials Shoulders Nenuials Gloves Nenuials Leggings (Just missing Nenuials Boots) Rift of Nurz Ghashu - 5/6 Doom-Hunters Breastplate Doom-Hunters Shoulders Doom-Hunters Gloves Doom-Hunters Leggings Doom-Hunters Boots (Just missing Doom-Hunters Helmet) Moria Radiance Armour - 5/6 (Radiance 85) Helm of the Great Bow Jacket of the Great Bow Gauntlets of the Great Bow Leggings of the Great Bow Boots of the Great Bow (Just missing Shoulders of the Great Bow) Mounts: Grey Horse Pale Golden Summer Horse Blonde Sorrel Horse Yule Festival Horse Bree Starter Horse Yule Festival Snow Horse Smoky Black Horse Dusky Nimblefoot Goat Nimble Redhorn Goat Dark Chestnut Horse Galadhrim Horse Weapons: Level 60 (Bow level 50/50) Hunter's Bow of the Second Age with great legacies Level 60 (Sword level 35/50) Hunter's Sword of the Second Age with alright legacies Bronwechathol Cururist Rib-breaker Course Crasher Bane of Forwengwath Crafting: Superior Tools of the Woodsman Lots of crafting resources at the vault Jewelry: Ferolloch Diamond Stud Chiseled Bone Necklace Lenglammel's Feather Dwarf-finder Insidious Cuff Orc-hunter's Ring Narmeleth's Legacy Mark of the Fellowship Necklace of Subtlety Earring of Discovery Earring of the Dale Sublime Dawn-rose Earring Ferdirand Painted Vane Phial of the Swirling Waters Tracker's Bracer Runic Wristband Ring of the Grove Miner's Iron Earring i Wait for Bids Price Starting 250 Contact at [email protected] Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.