WTS Level 60 Human Control Wizard, or will level any class/race within 48 hrs!

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    Currently have a level 60 control wizard that I intend to keep as my own account. I will let it go for $200 as I've put effort into it beyond leveling.

    What I'd really like to offer though is to level a character to your exact specifications.

    Race, class, server, deity, background, whatever combo you want I will make and will level to 60 and do it within 48 hours. It'll more likely be less than 24 hours, but I'll guarantee 48 to be safe.

    $100 for ANY class your heart desires.

    It's significantly less effort to level a control wizard since I know them in and out already, so for a wizard I'll do $75.

    Willing to sell in a safe environment like PA

    Message me here, or e-mail/AIM me at [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.