WTS: Level 55 Sorcerer - Good Gear and Rich!!. Awesome account.

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    Hello! Here i sell one of the best sorcerer account in the server. Account Tipe: Collector's Edition Class: Sorcerer Level: 55 Gender: Male Server: Spatalos Pet: Podgy Purgus pet (Paid with real money) STIGMAS Level 52 and level 55 stigmas UNLOCKED. Current build: Sleeping Storm build + Wintry armor build. (All the stigmas equiped and ready!) I suggest you to google "Sorcerer wintry armor" and watch the video. Also have Flame Spray build stocked in WH. Other stigmas: Fire burst III Curse of roots Ice Harpoon II Big Magma Eruption Curse of Weakness Vaizel's wisdom (Many others in wh, for DPS build) Also have 5k stigma shard for stigma changes MONEY AND ITEMS Kinah: ~65.000.000 (Yes! 65m!!!!) in char Materials: ~12.000 Magical aether (Normal, Greater, Pure and Brilliants) (30m Value) ~ 2.000 Aether (Normal, Greater, Pure and Brilliants) (4m Value) These calculations are based in normal aethers, so each greater count as 3 etc. ~ 1.000 Linon fiber (1m Value) ~ 2.500 Linon tailoring thread (10m Value) Fluxes: ~ 60 Expert superb armor flux (12m Value) 17 Master Premium Accesory Flux (20m Value) 16 Master Special Greater Armor Flux (30m Value) Manastones: ~ 10.000 Manastones for processing! (HP+60, Crit+12, MB+20) (25m Value) ~ 100 Already processed high grade stones (HP+95, Crit+27,MB+27) This is the most important. You will find thousands and thousands of materials in the char I have Full WH+Char of items!! CRAFTING, GATHERING AND RECIPES Tailoring: 449 Handicraft: 399 Aether: 465 Essencetaping: 425 I have all the Top recipes. I have to mention: Equiped and ready - Full lvl 43 Gold Linon set - Full lvl 43 Gold Leather set - Balaur Lord's Cowl (Check in this post, i have mats for almost 4! and they sell for 12-25m) - Balaur Lord's Gloves - Drazma Leggins - Drazma Shoes Available in WH! Master Prolix Gloves (20m Value) Master Prolix Shoes (12m Value) Master Prolix Leggins (15m Value) Master Prolix Pauldrons (10m Value) Master Prolix Tunic (You get it for free when you reach tailoring 500) I have to say i am the only char with the full set. This is the BEST ETERNAL endgame set. Way better than miragent. (Check AionArmory) Each eternal glove may sell for over 60 million. ABYSS AND MEDALS Char abyss points: 143.000 WH abyss points: ~100.000 (Abyss items) 27 Platinum medals! GEAR! Weapon: Miragent's Tome +12 merged with ABYSS 50 Tome. (Almost 1k Mb weapon) PvP Armor Level 30 Elite Abyss Set +12! (Super bonuses) HP With PVP armor: ~11.000 MP With PVP armor: ~9.000 Magic Boost with PVP armor: ~ 1.800 M. Accuracy with PVP armor: ~1.600 PvE Armor (Full MB Socketed!) Full Miragent's Set +1 HP With PVE armor: ~9.000 MP With PVE armor: ~12.000 Magic Boost with PVE armor: 2.600 (This is the CAP. If cap is removed, you may have around 2.800) M. Accuracy with PVE armor: ~1.500 Jewelry and Head Head: Lakhane's Kerchief Necklace: Dragon Flame Sapphire Necklace Ring 1: Elite Abyss 30 Ring. Ring 2: Elite Abyss 30 Ring. Earring 1: Zapiel's Earring Earring 2: Celestiu's Turquoise Earring Belt: Elite Abyss 50 Belt. You see my gear is awesome! ----- CONCLUSION ----- You can see my gear is awesome. Maybe not the best, but you can win almost every battle. With Wintry armor you have 100% win chance against assassins, chanters and gladiators. The most important part of my account is the economy. You can see my account is very solid. 65 million kinah and all the best items and recipes of the game. You can make infinite money with crafting, trust me. I got 65m in one week. Nobody have the full Master Prolix set, only me, which is the best set and every sorcerer would like to have. I also have a level 43 Gladiator alt. Why i leave? Because time. I would make this account the best of the server in a couple of months. Its very hard to fix a price for this account, so i am hearing offers, but only serious ones. If you have any question, send me a PM. If you want this account, send me a PM with your email/ adress to contact you. Im trusted and reliable so i expect the same from the future buyer. Have fun and good luck, Mercadomagic.
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