WTS: Level 55 Male Elyos Gladiator on Zikel

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion, 3/26/12.

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    Cheap level 55 glad with 2 twinks. has 2 storm wing sword+ sw spear(pvp combine) +1 extend.+10pvp

    It comes with a character makeover ticket, a twinked level 41 cleric with a +15 kromedes, and a twinked level 30 Mage with a +10 Gold tome, and the main Level 55 Gladiator. The level 55 Gladiator has almost all his gear socketed in attack+5 manastones. and green critical hit manastones. He has 2 eternal swords for dual wield. Stormwings azure scale sword and stormwings sword. Both are entirely socketed in attack +5 manastones. This character has 2 pvp spears. a +10 triorans and a +3 Stormwings spear. Both are fully socketed in attack+5 and have pvp bonuses. This a great pvp and pve character. This character has also many rare event hats and armor trinkets that are untradable. Lastly, i am the original owner and have every detail to ensure this transfer is as smooth as possible
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.