WTS Level 55 Cleric + Chanter @ Gamez Aion

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    I hope you read the title, GAMEZ AION (Lumiel).......... Cleric Code: FULL EAT Set +15 Block + 27 and HP + 95 FULL EAT accessories (x2 Rings, x2 earrings, necklace, belt, helm[helm NBDK model) Storm Wings or Noble Operator's, you pick one. Fenris's Staff (Not a model, the real staff) Tahabara's Shield + 15 + Block 27 + ABG Shield Remodel Tahabara's Warhamer + 15 + Block 27 + Lollipop Remodel + Para Gs Hadoken's Hood (Best looking hood [not a model]) 270 Billion Kinah (maybe more maybe less) Full Attack Stigma tree (Call Lightning) Abyss Rank: 120 (4 star officer, almost 5 star) Title: Easy Mask (Acc + Speed + Macc) 23 Gold Medals x12 L70 Enchantment stones x900+ candies (Valiant, Polar, Adoring, Penguin) x3 Mind Crystal x200+ Running scrolls x100+ Ranging Wind scrolls x200+ Awakening scrolls And all the Abyss grade Potions and others VIP until 2011-04-08 910 Credits (So far)Chanter Code: FULL Anuhart Set + Atk + 5 + Block + 27 TWO EAT Accessories (Ring+Earring) Fused Taha staff + 15 + Atk + 5 + Para GS Abyss Rank: Soldier Rank 3 x14 Brilliant Magical Aether x4 Essence of Wind Abyss pots ....scrolls....etc 15b+ Kinah Price = 30$ PM meh
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.