WTS: Level 52 Chanter | Level 34 Ranger | Level 40 Assassin | Vaizel Serevr Cheap!

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    Up for sale is my Aion Account that I made back in the beginning of March 2011. I'm actually selling because I need the cash to smog and work on my car. I accept Paypal from legit people only. I'm willing to do phone calls if interested. Account is active until December 20th or around there, 2011. You'll receive the registered information such as address information, cd key, pin number, password, username, security questions and answers, and anything else that you'd like to know. Server: Vaizel Level 52 Chanter (Female) Expert crafting Armorsmith 449 +10 Wise Dragon King's Staff +10 Judgment Mail Suntouched Chain Pauldrons Steel Beard Pirate's Chain Greaves Miragent's Chain Gloves Miragent's Brogans Expert Noble Adamantium Handguards (not soulbound/crafted level 33) Noah's Tear 53,753 abyss points + a few (I think about 6 or 8) major ancient crown + 1 major ancient icon + 1 lesser ancient icon 18 million kinah Stigmas: Protective Ward VI Word of Life IV Recovery Spell II Word of Inspiration I Word of Protection I Blessing of Stone I Magic Recovery I Invincibility Mantra I Bank: Stamina Restoration I Splash Swing III Soul Crush I Binding Word I Rage Spell I Level 34 Ranger (Female) 1 million kinah Handicraft +10 Bow of Elite Rank 7 Elyos Soldier Flash Jerkin Flash leather Pauldrons Flash leather Shoulderguards Expert Noble Strong Vambrace Expert Noble Strong Boots Guardian Squad Leader's Topaz Ring x2 (Abyss PVP rings) A BUNCH OF ABYSS ITEMS READY FOR REDEMPTION! Icons/Seals/Goblets Stigma: Sleep Arrow I Silence Arrow II Bow of Blessing I Level 40 Assassin (Male) +10 Expert Adamantium Sword Sundrenched Jerkin Sundrenched Leather Pauldron Sudnrenched Leather Leggings Expert Strong Leather Gloves Expert Strong Leather shoes 24,000 Abyss Points Stigmas: Ambush III Flurry I Aethertwisting I There's a bunch of nice stuff such as level 25 gold greatsword +10, armor skins, fluxes ready for crafting, materials for crafting, abyss point items ready for redemption, dark poeta entry items, etc. All I'm asking is $150 usd paypal or best offer. PM or post if interested. Thank you for looking!
Thread Status:
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