Sold [WTS] Level 50 Thaumaturge on Balmung ($150)

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    50thm gil 44con 30pug 44mar 42lnc 42gladiator
    • 50thm 44con 42gladiator 44mar 42lnc 38arc 31pug, 7goldsmithing 19fishing 11alchemy
    • original owner on Balmung Server.
    • no gil with account.
    • account open with gametime till may 11 2012
    • no quests or missions have been completed so you can do them all for the free exp and or storyline for it all.
    • simple account with lots of classes leveled up, no gear, no choco yet but it has the gobbue mount witch is the same speed as choco. no gear but you can easily be wearing best crafted gear with best materia with 1 or 2mil depending on how crazy you go with the materia. also get to chose your own chocobo's name and pick your own city faction.
    • very good starter account to pop into game with and get right to the fun stuff already almost all 50's. also thm is best class to pl people with so you can make friends quick and pl each other on any classes you want to level next.
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