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    this is a repost of an earlier topic i made the other day (accidentally posted link but had it removed very soon after) the account is still for sale and is perfectly safe lvl 50 ranger on Meslamtaeda (the newest server, so there are not many 50s yet) I have collector's edition (means you can give every character on the account lvl 30 wings, lvl 20 heroic earrings, and several cool emotes!) and veteran's program (means you receive bonuses for every character on the account every month, and in around 3 months you will receive awesome lvl 40 wings!) Account Info: -account is playable until Jan 4 -all campaigns completed (means i have the lvl 50 wings) and started on the miragent quest line (2/5 pieces) -i have 3 lvl 45 advanced stigmas (speed of wind, explosive arrow, hunter's might) lvl 50 adv stigma ready (lethal arrow) -67/100 processed drana (3rd advanced stigma quest) -i have two of the rarest and most expensive ranger stigmas in my possesion (bestial fury and focused shots) i am one of the only rangers on the server with both these stigmas -399 handicrafting first expert quest completed -around 350 gathering -most titles in game unlocked, including lvl 50 dark poeta titles -do not and never have botted!! Gear Info: lvl 49 heroic bow- Exedil's Longbow lvl 44 heroic chest- Shulack Pirate's Jerkin lvl 40 heroic pvp shoulders- Heavenly God's Leather Pauldrons lvl 46 fabled l- Leather Leggings of Elysean Army Elite Legionary Level 3 (1000 platinum coin l) lvl 50 fabled leather gloves- Miragent's Leather Gloves lvl 44 fabled boots- Steel Beard Pirate's Leather Shoes lvl 50 heroic helm- Dragon Flame Hat lvl 49 fabled necklace- Exedil's Golem lvl 44 heroic earring- Ashutang's Earrings lvl 49 fabled earring- Hallion's Golem lvl 40 fabled ring- Torment Seal lvl 49 heroic ring- Hallion's Ring lvl 41 fabled belt- Dishella's Stem as you can see my gear is good, with almost all sockets containing +5 Attack Power or +15 Critical Physical Hit gems These, along with my stigmas, makes my character worth a lot. I have a few million kinah on me, and a bank full of flux's. I also have around 200 blue balaur scales on me This is a great opportunity because this is one of the newest servers and there are barely any level 50s on it right now-- means less people to contend with over loot/world bosses.. This is a new and very balanced server and is growing in population each day Feel free to ask any questions/offers here or via pm, or msg me on AIM on DanDaMan558 (please post here before IMing me) Thank You!
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