WTS Level 50 Ranger (AION)

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    Level 50 Ranger with 5 oranges (including two weapons) and rest blues. Server/Race: Siel-Asmodian This character includes the 3 rarest stigmas in the game Bestial Fury, Silence Arrow V and Focused Shots (worth between 10-15m kinnah each).. which enable you to be among the most powerful rangers on entire server. Also has every other normal stigma available for rangers so you can pick and choose if you would like. Character also has every abyss advanced stigma purchased for both tree's including Heart Shot, Hunters Might, Speed of Wind, Gale Arrow, Lethal Arrow, Explosive Arrow etc.. The character has all of its quests done needed for the orange Fenril's Set and already has 2 pieces almost the 3rd. Warehouse is stocked with Balaur materials, 100's of crit/attack/hp/other manastones. Rangers are the most feared abyss class because of their insane burst damage and survivability.. with the rare stigmas and gear that this character has you will rule the abyss! Post your contact info here or send me a PM or email at [email protected] if interested
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.