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    Screenshots of the main character: Aion - Imgur This character holds true meaning to ME, and I will not randomly be throwing this account away as true hard work and dedication has gone into this character, this character is known as possibly one of, if not the best, healer on the Zikel server, which has since transferred to the Vaizel server and continued a dominant reign and not dropped a single PvP instance there! The account is a level 50 cleric on the Vaizel server, with full level 40 Abyss PvP gear most of which has high, or some enchantments to make it even better. Fenris completed up to chest 7/20 lights. Therefore, the account has the two best sets of armor ready to be worn, or requires little to no effort, and the best mace soon to follow. Moreover, the account name holds much fame and many people will readily group with you, and if requested I can arrange for you to placed in a friendly legion, or group of friends that may group with you. In contrast, I'd also be willing to buy a name change ticket before the transaction, and delete everything the character is associated with; and put a name change card in the inventory if requested. If account is purchased after August 23 2010, I will even reactivate the account for another month, and include the name change if requested. The character has full gold equips except for one accessory which promotes a better option on stats anyway. Likewise, the account aside from the mace has two different shields that provide optimal stats for which armor set is worn when, this is because of the way I have the armors socketed. One set up allows for compelete domination over melee classes allowing for up to a 3v1 Physical fights, or the other set and shield which allows for maximum resists and up to 3v1 Mage class fights. The character also has started on the Cloth armor level 30 PvP set which allows for incredible amounts of damage, even from a cleric, and includes a level 50 combined staff which offers 8% PvP damage ontop of the cloth set; ontop of this, the account also has extra accessories that fit each set, including more PvP damage accessories. The way this character is setup not only provides maximum survivability to benefit team play, as it used to be used on the best PvP team from the Zikel, but provides optimal damage and builds for solo play as well. This character can, at request, either have it's AP spent if requested and used by an experienced player or, the points saved up for future spending. *Do note, the characters AP is considerably low at the moment as it was just spent on the cloth top(the most expensive part), but up to 14/15 redeemable major ancient crowns will boost the characters AP to nearly 170k when used. These will be ready at NCSoft's desired time.* Moreover, the account has ~24m kinah, and the outfit alone is worth 11m in kinah to help complete the fenris set of armor and mace, as well as additional gold for free use. The character is complete and if used correctly can assure the player a very high placement in the game; and in addition, the character already has completed stigma trees, 449/449 alchemy 399/399 cooking 360/399 handicrafting, 399/399 aethertapping with the quest completed to advance, 184 essencetapping, and many of the morphs acquired from the Divine Fortress. *NOTICE*: This account was a winner of the DASH OF THE DAEVAS EVENT, and thus, the account has BOTH black(6) and white(5) dyes, as well as other rare dyes! The account also includes a level 43 ranger with an attack speed bow, who at request will be taken screenshots etc of, as well as a 25 spirit master to help groups summon and position faster! As noted, the account IS a collectors edition, so any new characters will be able to redeem every, and any veteran reward. And likewise also has many hats from the Aion Magazine to still be redeemed on any new character on the account, as well as some still not redeemed on main chars. *full listing of the veteran rewards and what's left to be distributed on each character at request* The name of the character will be sent via PM of serious buyers if they're really that interested. I'm looking for a pretty big offer because of how much time has gone into this character and how known, and complete it is. I will discuss prices through PM and will be pretty open to offers if you're interested! Please post here first! After posting PM and I will gladly give out other sources of contact, I will not withhold any information to help a smooth transaction and would even be willing to pay a full price! Other notes: The character has hundreds of AP Potions, which amounts to quite a bit of Abyss points as well as consumables, and gathered items. Also not specifically shown is the fact that the helmet worn is a level 50 Abyss cloth helmet, and 3/5 Flame Resist Chain set, as well as a stun godstone worth millions of kinah itself!
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