WTS Level 50 Champion EU All Blues

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    Like i said he has all blues, and has enoug blues for a spare armor set incase you go red on items, i will list all the blues he has later on give you some breif info: Name: Can Change Server: Can Change Level: 50 Class: Champion Race: Man Craft: Methalsmtith - GM Metalsmith GM Tailor GM Prospector Gold: 40g + Virtue Traits: All the best for a champion at level 1 at 6,1 at 7, 2 at 8,1 at 9. Legendary Deeds: 4/4 Class Traits: All Done Race Traits: All Done Reputations: All kinred except new rep eldgang Skills: All House: Top-Deluxe in Bree Quests: Plenty left to do. Deeds: 3/4 Done. Rank: 3 Horsse: Got a festival 3 hit one, and Angmar reputation Horse 5 hits Titles: ALOT Equipment: Jewels- All Etched items. Weopons - 2xMirrored ancient steel maces + 1xMirrored ancient steel headmans axe Armor - 5/6 Helegrod Set, only Dragon l missing 6/6 Elf mirrored ancient armor 1/6 Rift Instance armor And plenty more of other blue items in bank Bank: has a loads of rep items, crafting items, and pvmp items if you want screenshot i can give you if u ask If you need anymore information ask, for one i will not sell this account for cheap, so do not even think it, this character is a very well geared champion, maybe even one of the best ones about so bid away and have fun :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.