WTS: Level 30 on US server. 85 champions and 14 skins. Silver S2, Silver V S3.

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    SELLING my League of Legends account. I am level 30, with a ranked ratings of; season 2: silver, Season 3: Silver v. I have 3 rune pages. One for ap carries, the other for a tanky top, or support, and the third is ad carry/bruiser. i have several tier 3 runes as well if you want to change them. I have 85 champions. An amount of 13 skins. I have the unobtainable judgement Kayle skin. Has 2890 ip on the account. Have enough runes to build into almost anything. a few gamer icons that can no longer be unlocked. For more information contact me at kristopher_114 on . DARIUS GAREN LEE SIN GRAGAS ASHE MISS FORTUNE DRAVEN GRAGAS TEEMO MASTER YI KAYLE AHRI AKALI AMUMU ANNIE BLITZCRANK CHO'GATH DIANA DR.MUNDO EVELYNN EZREAL FIDDLESTICKS FIORA GANGPLANK IRELIA JANNA JARVAN IV JAX JAYCE KARMA KASSADIN KATARIN KENNEN KHA'ZIX LEBLANC LEONA LUX MALPHITE MORDEKAISER MORGANA NAMI NASUS NAUTILUS NIDALEE NUNU OLAF ORIANNA PANTHEON POPPY QUINN RAMMUS RENGAR RIVEN RENEKTON RYZE SEJUANI SHACO SHEN SNGED SION SIVIR SONA SORAKA TALON TARIC TRISTANA TRYNDAMERE TWISTED FATE UDYR VARUS VAYNE VEIGAR VI VLADAMIR VOLIBEAR WARWICK WUKONG XIN ZHAO ZED ZILEAN ZYRA bio forge darius, frost ezreal, judgment kayle, traditional and acolyte lee sin, commando xin zhao, arclight varus, renegade talon, racoon teemo, pheonix quinn, sanguine and dreadknight garen, assassin master yi and dragon slayer vayne. asking for $45 USD i'll throw in my extra account level 22 for an extra 5$
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.