[WTS] Level 30 NA LoL account - 67 Champs & 3.3k RP & IP - TEN RUNE PAGES, 29 skins!

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    As the title states, I have my level 30 LoL account on the NA server with 67 Champions and 3303 RP and 3304 IP on the account. Current solo queue rating is 1543 with the top rating at 1603. 757 normal wins, 88 Season 2 games played. 221 Season 1 games played. The account has numerous skins, including: Unchained Alistar Team Spirit Anivia (no longer available) Frostfire Annie Arctic Warfare Caitlyn (pretty sure this is no longer available) Nightmare Cho'Gath UFO Corki (no longer available) Shadow Evelynn Union Jack Fiddlesticks (no longer available) Surprise Party Fiddlesticks (Legendary!) Rugged Garen Phantom Karthus Judgement Kayle (no longer available) Kennen M.D. Assassin Master Yi Sasquatch Nunu Chrome Rammus Workshop Shaco Hextech Singed Bandit Sivir Emerald Taric Recon Teemo King Tryndamere Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate Gangster Twitch Dragonslayer Vayne Count Vladimir Urf the Manatee Warwick (no longer available) Commando Xin Zhao Time Machine Zilean The account has TEN rune pages and many tier 3 runes, including: RED 1.7% Attack Speed x9 2.2% Crit Dmg x1 0.95 Magic Pen x 9 0.93 Crit Chance x 9 0.95 Physical Damage x9 1.66 Armor Penetration x9 0.97 Magic Resist x1 YELLOW 0.76% Attack Speed x1 5.3 Health x10 0.41 Mana Regen /5 x9 1.41 Armor x9 BLUE 0.99 Mana Regen /5 at level 18 x9 0.65% Cooldown Reduction x9 2.7 Health x1 0.99 Ability Power x9 0.70 Armor x4 2.7 Magic Resist at level 18 x9 QUINTS 1.0 Gold per 10 x3 3.3 Armor Pen. x3 26 Health x2 1.9 Magic Pen x2 1.9 Crit Chance x2 5.0 Ability Power x3 1.5 Movement Speed x3 4.5 Magic Resist x1 I understand it's unreasonable to ask for anything close to the amount of money I've spent on this account, so I only expect something for the time spent, making this an awesome deal. Remember there are enough Riot Points current on this account to purchase anything in the store, a name change and a couple of skins for example. Asking price is $150, contact me on AIM: Spiderlemur Please post in this thread before contacting. ---------- Post added 11-30-2011 at 08:50 AM ----------
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