WTS: Level 30 NA League Account (78 Skins, 65+ Champions, Screenshots Included!)

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    Hey! I'm looking to sell my level 30 League of Legends account. I have over 70 skins (some limited edition/legendary skins included as well!), 65+ champions, 694 wins, seven rune pages, 171 runes, and 1.1k IP. I haven't really played ranked games on the account so there is no rating. Colors: --------------------------------- Green = Legacy Skin; Orange = Legendary Skin; Red = Limited Edition (Holiday) Skin Skins owned: Ahri skins: Foxfire Ahri, Dynasty Ahri, Midnight Ahri Akali skins: Silverfang Akali, Blood Moon Akali, Stinger Akali, Crimson Akali Alistar skins: Unchained Alistar Anivia skins: Hextech Anivia Annie skins: Red Riding Annie, Reverse Annie, Frostfire Annie, Annie in Wonderland Ashe skins: Amethyst Ashe, Queen Ashe, Woad Ashe, Sherwood Forest Ashe Caitlyn skins: Officer Caityln, Arctic Warfare Caitlyn, Sheriff Caitlyn, Safari Caitlyn, Resistance Caitlyn Ezreal skins: Nottingham Ezreal Fiddlesticks skins: Surprise Party Fiddlesticks, Bandito Fiddlesticks Fiora skins: Royal Guard Fiora, Nightraven Fiora Irelia skins: Frostblade Irelia, Infiltrator Irelia, Aviator Irelia, Nightblade Irelia Janna skins: Frost Queen Janna, Hextech Janna, Tempest Janna Katarina skins: Slay Belle Katarina, Sandstorm Katarina, High Command Katarina, Mercenary Katarina, Bilgewater Katarina Karma skins: Sakura Karma Kayle skins: Viridian Kayle, Judgement Kayle, Aether Wing Kayle Kog'Maw skins: Caterpillar Kog'Maw Le'Blanc skins: Mistletoe LeBlanc Leona skins: Valkyrie Leona Lulu skins: Wicked Lulu, Bittersweet Lulu Lux skins: Imperial Lux, Spellthief Lux Miss Fortune skins: Mafia Miss Fortune, Road Warrior Miss Fortune, Secret Agent Miss Fortune, Waterloo Miss Fortune, Cowgirl Miss Fortune, Candy Cane Miss Fortune Morgana skins: Blackthorn Morgana, Blade Mistress Morgana, Exiled Morgana, Sinful Succulence Morgana Nami skins: Koi Nami Nidalee skins: Pharaoh Nidalee, French Maid Nidalee, Leopard Nidalee, Bewitching Nidalee Orianna skins: Gothic Orianna, Sewn Chaos Orianna Riven skins: Battle Bunny Riven, Redeemed Riven Sejuani skins: Darkrider Sejuani, Sabretusk Sejuani Shyvana skins: Ironscale Shyvana, Boneclaw Shyvana, Darkflame Shyvana Sona skins: Silent Night Sona, Arcade Sona, Guqin Sona, Pentakill Sona, Muse Sona Soraka skins: Divine Soraka, Dryad Soraka Tristana skins: Riot Girl Tristana Twitch skins: Gangster Twitch Vayne skins: Heartseeker Vayne Screenshots! ----------------------------------------------------------- Champions: Runes: General: E-mail me offers at [email protected] if you are interested. Also, feel free to ask for more screenshots if you want. I will not consider any offers under $75.00. Thanks!
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