WTS: Level 30 NA Account: Lots of Skins and Champs

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    This is my first time doing anything like this, so please give me a break if I'm not amazing I'm selling my level 30 account. (been playing since season 1) It has 90 champs and 65 skins. 6 rune pages I have most of the summoner icons (including shopkeeper teemo) My only limited edition is Judgement kayle. I can give you more information as needed. Either post here or message me. I'm not really in a rush to sell, and I don't intend to come back to the game. I am the original owner with the original email. It's ranked bronze 1. This is an outdated list of skins from when I was trying to sell the first time (Selling is a hastle) Midnight Ahri Unchained Alistar Noxus Hunter Anivia Red Riding Annie Annie In Wonderland Frostfire Annie The new annie (the one with the smoky fire) Amethyst Ashe Cryocore Brand Siren Cassiopeia Red Baron Corki Urfrider Corki Nottingham Ezreal Enchanted Galio Minuteman Gangplank Special Forces Gangplank Infiltrator Irelia Phantom Karthus Judgement Kayle Arctic Ops Kennen Mistletoe LeBlanc Shamrock Malphite Coral Reef Malphite Marble Malphite Obsidian Malphite Glacial Malphite Vizier Malzahar Secret Agent Miss Fortune Dragon Knight Mordakaiser Blackthorn Morgana Galactic Nasus Leopard Nidalee Pharoh Nidalee Battle Regalia Poppy Tribal Ryze Professor Ryze Yellowjacket Shen Hextech Sion Spectacular Sivir Northern Front Swain Tyrant Swain Dragonblade Talon Riotgirl Tristana Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate Tango Twisted Fate Battlecast Urgot Arclight Varus Heartseeker Vayne White Mage Veigar Veigar Greybeard Jade Dragon Wukong Runeborn Xerath Time Machine Zilean
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