[WTS] Level 30 NA Account, Lots of Legendary Skins.

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    Getting tired of this game and the retards in it. Trying to sell/trade, will consider all offers at the moment. Cash or trade. Send me an email at capoizking732 Champions and Skins Akali [Blood Moon Akali] Alistar [Unchained Alistar, Matador] Amumu [Emumu] Anivia [Hextech Anivia] Annie [Goth Annie, Annie in Wonderland] Ashe [Frejlord Ashe, Queen Ashe] Blitzcrank [Piltover Customs] Brand [Apocalyptic] Caitlyn [Safari] Cassiopeia Cho'Gath [Gentleman Cho'gath] Corki [Red Baron Corki] Dr. Mundo [Executioner Mundo] Evelynn [Masquerade Evelynn] Ezreal [Frosted Ezreal] Fiddlesticks Galio [Enchanted Galio] Gangplank [Minuteman Gangplank] Gragas [Gragas Esq.] Heimerdinger Irelia Janna Jarvan IV [Dragonslayer Jarvan] Jax Karthus Kassadin Katarina Kayle [Judgement Kayle, Battleborn Kayle] Kog'Maw [Lion Dance Kog'Maw] LeBlanc Lee Sin [Traditional] Lux [Spell Thief Lux] Malphite Malzahar [Shadow Prince Malzahar] Master Yi [Ionian Yi] Mordekaiser [Lord Mordekaiser] Morgana [Blade Mistress Morgana] Nasus Nidalee [Pharaoh Nidalee] Nocturne [Frozen Terror Nocturne] Nunu [Nunu Bot] Orianna [Gothic Orianna] Pantheon [Perseus Pantheon] Poppy Rammus Renekton Rumble Ryze Shaco Shen [Yellow Jacket Shen, Blood Moon Shen] Singed [Hextech Singed, Surfer Singed] Sion [Warmonger Sion, Hextech Sion] Sivir Sona [Pentakill Sona] Soraka [Divine Soraka] Swain [Northern Front Swain] Taric Teemo [Cottontail Teemo] Tristana [Buccaneer Tristana] Tryndamere Twisted Fate [The Magnificent Twisted Fate] Twitch [Kingpin Twitch, Vandal Twitch] Udyr [Black Belt Udyr] Urgot Vayne [Aristocrat Vayne] Veigar Vladimir [Count Vladimir] Warwick [Feral Warwick, Firefang Warwick] Xin Zhao [Viscero Xin Zhao] Yorick [Undertaker Yorick] Zilean [Shurima Desert Zilean]
Thread Status:
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