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    Hi everyone I would like to keep this as short as possible and cover as much as possible. As the title says I am selling my league of legends account. What it has: Has 14 Champions unlocked -Nidalee -Amumu -Tryndamere -Udyr -Nasus -Veigar -Anivia -Jax -Kayle -Master Yi -Morgana -Singed -Ryze -Warwick 2 Rune Pages (default) The First is almost all t3 ability power runes with some magic penetration aswell The second page is more melee based consisting of mostly t2 and a couple t3 Armor Penentration, Crit Damage, and Attack Damage runes 3 Mastery Pages (default) Here is some screenshots: i1143.photobucket/albums/.runepage1 i1143.photobucket/albums/...alf1/rune2 i1143.photobucket/albums/...levelproof i1143.photobucket/albums/...f1/champs2 i1143.photobucket/albums/...f1/Champs1 Asking price is 40$ and willing to haggle. If your interested please reply here and we can talk further.
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