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    Has the following champs/skins: Annie - Reverse Alistar - Unchained, Golden Ashe Akali Amumu - Pharoah Brand Caitlyn - Arctic Warfare Chogath Dr. Mundo Eve Ezreal Fiddlesticks Gangplank - Spooky Garen - Sanguine gragas irelia jarvan - commando jax - errr, forgot the name karthus kayle - Judgement lee sin malzahar maokai master yi miss fortune mordekaiser morgana nasus -dreadknight nidalee nocturne - Blazing nunu orianna - Gothic pantheon - poppy renekton - arctic ryze singed sion sivir sona soraka swain talon teemo tristana - riot trundle tryndamere twisted fate udyr - black belt urgot vayne warwick wukong Yorick zilean Runes Reds: 9x Armor Penetration 9x Attack Damage 9x Armor 9x Magic Penetration 9x Attack Speed Yellows: 9x Armor 9x Dodge 9x Mana regen/per level 9x Ability Power/per level 9x Health Regen/Per level 4x Health/per level Blues: 9x Cool Down Reduction 9x Magic Resist 9x Ability Power/per level Quintessence: 3x Flat Ability Power 3x Movement Speed 3x Attack Damage 3x Attack Speed 3x Armor Penetration 1x Cooldown Reduction 1x Cooldown Reduction/per level 1x Health Regen/per level 1x Crit Damage Also has 5 rune pages, 1280 elo. I am original owner and have all relevant info. Post here please. Paypal only
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.