[WTS] Level 30 LoL account, tons of champions and skins, a few limited editions

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    Hello, I want to sell my League of Legends NA account. It has the following champions: Alistar Amumu Anivia Annie - all skins (including red riding and frankentibbers) Ashe Brand Cho'gath Evelynn - Shadow skin Fiddlesticks - Bandito skin Fiora - Nightraven skin Jana Katarina - Mercenary and Sandstorm skins Kayle - Judgement skin Kennen - all skins, except for arctic ops LeBlanc - all skins including mistletoe Lee Sin Leona Malphite Malzahar - all skins except for the newest one Master Yi Mordekaiser - Infernal skin Morgana Nasus Nunu Orianna - sewn chaos skin Poppy Rammus Ryze Shaco - Mad Hatter skin Teemo Tristana - riot girl skin Tryndamere - king skin Twisted Fate - Tango skin Veigar Vladamir - Count skin Warwick Wukong - Volcanic skin Xerath - battlecrest skin Zilean It also has around 4k ip saved, and a couple full runebooks. I'm looking for money via paypal, and am willing to go first. A combo of money and a Diablo 3 beta account works as well. Send offers. thanks!
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