[WTS] Level 30 LoL account. Many runes /Champions

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    My League of Legends account Spending money: 263 Riot Points 1551 Influence Points Side note: This is my daily account, not playing ranked games anymore due to selling, so influence points will go up. Champions ( Skins listed next to champ) Akili Alistar- Unchained Alistar Annie Ashe Blitzcrank Brand Caitlyn Cho'gath Corki - UFO corki Dr. Mundo Evelynn Ezreal Fiddlesticks - Fiddle me timbers Gangplank Gragas Irelia Janna Jax Katarina Kayle- Judgement Kayle Kennen Kog'maw Leblank Leona Lux Malphite Maokai Master Yi -Assassian Yi Miss Fortune - Road Warrior Miss fortune Morgana Nasus Nadalee Nocturne Nunu Pantheon Poppy Rammus- King Rammus Rumble Ryze Shaco Shen Sion- Warmonger sion Sivir Sona Soraka Talon Teemo- Bager teemo Tristina - Riot Girl Tristina Tryndamere Udyr Urgot Vayne - Dragonslayer vayne Volibear - *Brand new champion* Warwick Xin Zhao First season - W322 L331 WR 49.3% Second season - W3 L4 WR 42.9% RUNES - Tier 3 only Marks: 1.7 attack speed x9 1.7 Armor pen x9 2.2% crit x9 .95 magic pen x9 97 magic resist x9 Seals: .76% attack speed x9 1.2 mana regen x9 78% crit damage x9 1.4 armor x9 Glyphs .64 attack speed x9 .65 cooldown x9 .65% crit damage x9 .57 magic pen x9 .70 armor x1 1.5 magic resist x9 Quintessences: 3.4% attack speed x3 3.3 armor pen x3 26 health x1 4.5% crit damage x3 1.9 magic pen x3 4.5 magic resist x3 Has Unused Ranked team that matches summoners name. Payment: I've started another account for League Of Legends and I'm looking for Riot Point cards to XP and IP boost and pick up champs along the way. The goal is to just make another quality account, because I like leveling them. This is my first account ever. I'm the Original Owner. With that being said, you can purchase Riot Point cards from Online websites and pay shipping, and the code is entered into your email. Here is an example of a website: PCGameSupply Buy & Download PC Games, Xbox, Wii & Playstation Cards You can also purchase them in local game stores. Contact info: AIM - xDONeil418 YOU MUST POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING ME I've never traded before, but I've read about the websites, so I believe in trusting high rep people. I will not go first otherwise.
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