[WTS] level 30 lol account 58 champions owned, 10 rune pages, 5k+ip and alot of run

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    i will list champions i dont own cause theres alot less than i do own =P I DONT OWN the following Ezreal Galio Gragas Irelia kennen kog'maw malzhar mordekaiser renekhton sona Vladimir Skins i DO own Nurse akali Noxus hunter aniva Boom boom blitzcrank Grim reaper karthus Shamrock malphite Candy cane miss fortune Galatic nasus Forsaken Olaf Riot girl tristana Primal udyr veigar gray beard Tundra warwick Shyn desert zilean I own the following Reds 0.95 x9 Magic pen 0.93 x2 crit chance 3.35 x1 health 1.66 x9 armour pen Yellows 0.76 x9 attack speed 1.08 x9 Health per level 1.20 x9 mana regen per level 0.75 x8 Dodge Blues 0.05 x9 cd reduction per level 0.055 x9 mana per 5 0.99 x9 ap 1.5 x7 magic resist Quints 2.25 x1 ad 32 hp x3 (nerfed now to 26hp) 5 ap x2 0.43 x1 ap per level 1.9 x3 magic pen account comes with 95 riot points and 5k+ ip pm or email conorb564.co.uk
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