[WTS] level 30 LoL account 43 skins 2 legendary, tons of runes.

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    Before you start reading through, I can take screencaps if you want, I was just too lazy to do so. Only have MS paint on this comp. Looking for anywhere around $200+ don't try to offer me less than $150. It will be ignored. only a 1300 elo, over 1000 normal wins (and losses lol) Will hand over the account with its original password, never changed over the 2 years I've played. But I can not give any info about the E-mail address. If there is a way to have that changed we can discuss that. Champions ownedonly missing 13) Ahri Akali/Bloodmoon Alistar/Unleashed Amumu/Almost Prom King Anivia Annie/Frostfire/Reverse Ashe Brand Caitlyn Cassiopeia Cho'Gath/Gentleman Cho'Gath ($20.00 *****) Dr. Mundo Evelynn/Shadow Ezreal/Frosted Fiddlesticks/Spectral Fiora/Nightraven Fizz Gangplank Garen/Sanguine/Desert Trooper Gragas Heimerdinger Irelia Janna Jarvan IV Jax/Vandal/Temple Karma Karthus/Grim Reaper Kassadin/Pre-Void Katarina Kayle/Judgement Kennen Kog'Maw/Monarch (THE MONAAAARCH) Leblanc Leona Lux Malphite/Coral Reef/Obsidian Malzahar Master Yi/Ionian/Assasin Miss Fortune/Mafia Mordekaiser/Lord Mordekaiser Morgana Nasus/K-9 Nidalee/French Maid(best skin period) Nocturne/Frozen Terror Nunu Olaf/Forsaken (best olaf skin) Orianna Pantheon Poppy/Scarlet Hammer Rammus/Freljord Riven/Redeemed Ryze Sejuani/Sabretusk Shaco/Mad Hatter/Workshop Shen/Frozen/Dr.Shen Shyvana Singed/Riot Sion/Barbarian Sivir Skarner/Sandscourge/Earthrune Sona Soraka Swain/Northern Front/Bilgewater Talon/Dragonblade Taric/Bloodstone Teemo Tristana/Riot Girl Trundle Tryndamere/Demon Blade ($20 niggaaaaa) Twisted Fate/Jack of Hearts Twitch Udyr/Blackbelt Vayne Veigar Vladimir Volibear Warwick/Firefang Wukong/Volcanic Xin Zhao/Winged Hussar Yorick Ziggs >7 Runepage Bundle = 2600 RP $20 >43 skins rounding down to $310 >Not counting boosts and champions I've bought with RP RUNES (all t3) MARKS: Alacrity x 9 Desolation x 9 Force x 3 Furor x 1 Insight x 9 Malice x 9 Resilence x 9 Strength x 9 SEALS: Alacrity x 9 Avarice x 9 Clarity x 9 Force x 9 Knowledge x 9 Malice x 9 Regeneration x 9 Replenishment x 9 Resilence x 9 Strength x 5 Vitality x 9 Warding x 1 GLYPHS: Alacrity x 9 Celerity x 9 Clarity x 9 Focus x 1 Knowledge x 9 Potency x 9 Shielding x 9 Warding x 9 QUINTESSENCES Bountiful Tears (24 hp) x 3 Alacrity x 3 Avarice x 3 Celerity x 3 Desolation x 3 Furor x 3 Insight x 2 Malice x 3 Potency x 3 Strength x 3 Swiftness x 3 Transmutation x 3 Vampirism x 3 Vigor x 3 Wisdom x 2
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