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    I created my account in early beta and have just lost all interest in the game. I am looking to sell for $50 OBO or a reasonable trade. Champions 73/95 akali alistar amumu annie ashe brand caitlyn chogath corki dr.mundo evelynn ezreal fiddlesticks fizz gangplank garen gragas heimerdinger irelia janna jax karma karthus kassadin katarina kayle leblanc lee sin lux malphite malzahar master yi miss fortune mordekaiser morgana nasus nidalee nocturne nunu olaf pantheon poppy rammus riven ryze shaco shen singed sion sivir sona soraka taric teemo tristana trundle tryndamere twistedfate twitch udyr vayne veigar vladmir volibear warwick wukong xin zhao yorick zilean Skins UFO corki Frosted Ezreal Spectral Fiddlesticks Sanguine garen Dreadknight garen king rammus riot girl tristana pentakill yorick Runes 5x greater mark of desolation 2x greater mark of focus 9x greater mark of force 9x greater mark of malice 11x greater mark of might 9x greater seal of clarity 4x greater seal of regeneration 9x greater seal of resilience 1x greater glyph of focus 8x greater glyph of force 4x greater glyph of might 1x greater quintessence of desolation 3x greater quintessence of force 3x greater quintessence of malice 3x greater quintessence of might 3x greater quintessence of sugar rush 1x greater quintessence of vitality If you have any other questions I would be willing to supply you with screen shots or what ever you need. Serious buyers or traders only please. You can contact me here: Skype - add dokken767 email - dokken767 or you can post here.
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