[WTS] Level 30 Account, many skins and champions

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    Level 30 Account (513 wins) 56 champions --------------------------- 3 Rune Pages Runes (all tier 3) MARKS x9 armor pen x9 magic pen x9 crit chance SEALS x9 dodge x9 crit damage x9 mana regen x9 armor x9 health at 18 GLYPHS x5 att speed x9 cooldown reduction x9 AP at 18 x9 crit damage x9 magic pen x9 magic resist QUINTESSENCES x3 armor pen x2 health x1 crit damage x3 magic pen x3 crit chance x3 ability power x1 time dead --------------------------- SKINS OWNED Goth Annie Nightmare Cho'gath Masquerade Evelynn Phantom Karthus Statue of Karthus Judgement Kayle Dragon Knight Mordekaiser Forsaken Olaf Glacial Olaf Brolaf Full Metal Pantheon Frozen Shen Yellow Jacket Shen Dryad Soraka Crimson Elite Talon Renegade Talon Bloodstone Taric Emerald Taric Armor of the Fifth Age Taric Black Belt Udyr Butcher Urgot Giant Enemy Crabgot Vieger Greybeard Commando Xin Zhao --------------------------- RP = 841 IP = 1689 --------------------------- Taking offers and will provide additional information if needed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.