WTS - Level 30 | 96 champs | 58 Skins | 2k RP | 5k IP | S2 Gold | S3 Clean | Verified

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    So yeah: Contact: - Horolookalike Email - [email protected] (I check my email more often) 96 Champs 58 Skins (2 Legendary) 9 Rune Pages 28 types of Runes. (Scroll down to see which ones and the amount. The account has received 1 warning. The account has never played for Season 3, and was Gold ranked for Season 2. The account has over 2k RP and 5k IP Skins: Ahri: FoxFire Akali: Bloodmoon Amumu: Sad Robot Anivia Bird of Prey Annie Goth - Frostfire - Reverse Ashe Queen Brand Zombie Caitlyn Arctic Cassiopia Mythic Cho'gath Battlecast Prime Darius Bioforge Diana Dark Valkyrie Ezreal Pulsefire Fiora Nightraven - Head Mistress Galio Gatekeeper Gangplank Special Forces Gragas Vandal Irelia Frostblade Janna Victorious (Gold S2 Skin) Jarvan Commando Jax Nemesis - Jaximus Karma Traditional Kassidan Deep Sea Katarina Bilgwater - Sandstorm Kayle Battleborn Kennen Arctic Ops LeBlanc Prestigious Leona Iron Solari Lux Imperial Maokai Haunted Master Yi Headhunter Miss Fortune Mafia Morgana Blackthorn Nasus Galactic Nocturne Ravager Olaf Pentakill Orianna Bladecraft Poppy Scarlet Hammer Rammus Full Metal Rengar Headhunter Riven Battle Bunny - Championship Ryze Pirate - Dark Crystal Singed Augmented Sivir Huntress Sona Arcade - Guqin Soraka Dryad Swain Tryant Trisanna Rocket Girl Twisted Fate Underworld Veigar Superb Villain Zyra Wildfire Icons: (Plus the regular default ones of course) Unowned Champs: Runes: I hope I'm not forgetting anything. If you have any questions or concerns let me know.
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