[WTS] Level 12 US LOL Account - 23 Owned Champions - 1 Skin

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    Looking to sell my level 30 League of Legends account with 23 Champions and 1 Skin. This account will be in your ownership, 100% (Account Name, Password, E-mail) Champions: -Anivia -Ashe -Blitzcrank -Corki -Dr. Mundo -Evelynn -Gangplank -Heimerdinger -Jax -Karthus -Kassadin -Katarina -Master Yi -Nunu -Rammus -Shaco -Singed -Sion -Soraka -Taric -Twisted Fate -Twitch (Gangster Skin) -Zilean Runes: 1 - Mark of Fortitude (Tier 1) 1 - Seal of Force (Tier 2) 1 - Lesser Glyph of Warding (Tier 1) 1 - Quintessence of Furor (Tier 2) Spending Points: 380 Riot Points 2407 Influence Points (RP was used for Champion's Bundle) Asking Price: $10.00 PAYPAL ONLY - Must have Positive ratings on - Don't waste my time, I won't waste yours. You can also contact me through AIM: SELF METHOD, or text/call: 1-(609)-651-6748.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.