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    Hey guys, i'm currently looking for offers, preferably RSGP for my main account. It has alot of quests done ( 241 qp ) including most of the main ones, desert treasure, lunar depomlicy, monkey madness, all of recpie for disaster, and so on. It is close to rune defender havent got it in a while, I can get if needed. - Barrow gloves. - Firecape. - Ive yet to get fighter torso because I havent seen a need due to not being a pure. Its stats are pretty much all 70+ appart from a few which are dungeoneering ( 51 ) summoning ( 69 ) runecrafting ( 65 ). It has 3 99's and 3 close to 99, the 99's are Fishing, Fletching, Cooking. The three that are not yet 99 are 92 herblore, 92 woodcutting, 91 mining Via woodcutting and mining, you can easily earn 80-100M if you do it the correct ways ( not by mining rune / cutting mage logs allthough that is a more money sceme ). Other stats consist of pretty much 80 or close to 80 or even over that such as 83 farming, 80 smithing ( 85 banked ) And several other things. I currently have about 400M wealth on it, so I'd be looking for a huge amount of gp with that included on the account, without the stuff will ofcourse cost less though. I will not post names of my account or anything like that on here, I will check posts though and I will reply ASAP. Thanks for reading, and goodluck bidding.
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