[WTS] Legue of legends US account! just 35$

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    Hi everyone my name is george i have an account of legue of legends is level 30 on US!! My account have 445 win 455 lose to be onest don`t wanna lie you i have 35 champs ,1 full page of rune armor pen(3xQuintessences),the second one is half of magic pen. Current ip: 1078 Current rp: 140 my champs ar: Alistar Jax Kayle Kennen LeBlanc Master Yi Mordekaiser Amumu Nocturne Nunu Pantheon Rammus Ryze Shaco Ashe Singed Sion Sivir Taric Teemo Tryndamere Dr.mundo Twisted Fate Udyr Vladimir Warwick Xin zhao Zilean Evelyn Fiddlestiscks Soraka Malphite I have 3 skin`s : At nocturne- Void nocturne At jax- Vandal Jax At Warwick- Tundra Hunter Warwick I will show you with the team wiwer to see i`m not lie and to watch at detalies! The price is 35$ ! Contac me at mesenger : xeco_blast Or pm here thx
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.