[WTS] Leauge Of Legends Account, Lvl 30 Very Good!!!

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    i have all the champs but about 3 or 4, got that new champ that just came out also i have epic skins 3 or so, heimer nunu astronaught teemo and anthor, i cant remeber all the skins i have i have so many honestly i have like dreadknight garen, commando garen, enchanted galio, gothic annie, totem maokai, ninja rammus, ice rammus, urf rider corki, epic heimer, piltover heimer, all the sona skins, the big daddy looking yorick skin, sonarian kogmaw, grungy nunu, bot nunu, and evelyn skin, dryad sorka, gothic poppy, one or two malazar skins, executioner mundo, toxic mundo, minute man gangplank, underwater kass, golden alister, one of the vlad skins, outback Cassiopeia, shamrock malphite, green taric, baseball trundle, greybeard veigar, firelord warwick, blackbelt udyr, gangster twitch, barbarian sion, time lord zilean, thats just the ones i can remeber off the top of my head, there is alot more, ill take a 50 dollar amazon gift card for this account, its worth it hell the epic skins alone cost more than that :p Name: Server: US Server Level: 30 Rating: Rating 0 Uploads: 0 Normal: Ranked: Matches: 17 (1071) 1 (7) Wins: 6 (448) 0 (0) Losses: 10 (574) 1 (7) Leaves: 1 (49) 0 (0) Registered on LoLBase: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 22:00:03 Profile Last Updated: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 18:04:05 ---------- Post added 07-16-2011 at 05:43 PM ---------- er also i will possible take somethen off my amazon list if someone wants and cant get a card, i got some stuff 40ish bux i would accept
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