[WTS] League of Legends US 30 Account, All Champions! 40 Skins! 10 Rune Pages!

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    posting, I have a LoL 30 US Account, has every champion unlocked except for Yorick, and the soon to be released, Leona. Following Skins on account: Stinger Akali Emumu Amumu Nightmare Cho'gath Masquerade Evelyn Frosted Ezreal Enchanted Galio Hextech Galio Dreadknight Garen Scuba Gragas Esq. Gragas - Legendary Nightblade Irelia Commando Jarvan Dragonslayer Jarvan Jaximus Jax Traditonal Lee Sin Shadow Prince Malzahar Chosen Master Yi Cow Girl Miss Fortune Pentakill Mordekaiser Lord Mordekaiser Galatic Nasus French Maid Nidalee Leopard Nidalee Void Nocturne Grungy Nunu Brolaf Olaf - Legendary Glacial Olaf Battle Regalia Poppy Freljord Rammus Galatic Renekton Frozen Shen Bandit Sivir Cottontail Teemo Riot Girl Tristana Lil' Slugger Trundle Butcher Urgot Vindicator Vayne Count Vladimir Firefang Warwick Commando Xin Zhao Runes (Max 10 Rune Pages) Marks Attack Speed x9 Armor Pen x9 Magic Pen x9 Attack Damage x9 Seals Mana Regen per level x9 Dodge x9 Armor x9 Attack Damage x9 Health Per Level x9 Glyphs Attack Speed x9 Cool down reduction x9 Ability Power x9 Magic Resist x9 Quints Flat Health - x3 Armor Pen x3 Magic Pen x3 Ability Power x3 Attack Damage x3 The account is at 1100 Ranked, the ranked reset is happening soon anyway. Lots of skins, this account is worth A LOT I am taking Offers Looking for WoW accounts, one with either multiple 85's or one with atleast 2 85 in atleast ilvl 358 gear. AIM - eriley2751 If buying, must be paypal verified, going no lower than $125 ---------- Post added 07-10-2011 at 05:00 PM ---------- Bump, will now take a 50 Rift account
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