WTS: League of legends NA account 123 skins! Gold div. 5 400$

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    I am done playing league of legends since i have been playing for almost 3 years and since the middle of season 1 over this time I have spent well over 600 dollars on this game and have acquired several legacy skins that are skins that you are unable to buy anymore so they are looked at like there rare. I also have 3 or 4 very rare skins. I have 2.7k Riot Points on the account right now available so you can change your name when you recieve the account. I prefer cash but paypal will work too. Please send me a private message for any questions regarding the account i have pictures. The list of skins is as follows: Foxfire Ahri Crimson Akali Nurse Akali Unchained Alistar Infernal Alistar Sad Robot Amumu Bird of prey Anivia Frostfire Annie Piltover Customs Blitzcrank(Legendary) Cryocore Brand Zombie Brand (Legendary)(Legacy) Officer Caitlyn Safari Caitlyn(Legacy) Mythic Cassiopeia Lochness Cho'Gath Nightmare Cho'Gath(Legacy) Hot Rod Corki Dragonwing Corki Lord Darius Dark Valkyrie Diana Toxic Mundo(Legacy) Corporate Mundo(Legendary) Soul Reaver Draven Death blossem Elise Masquerade Evelynn(Legecy) Nottingham Ezreal(Legacy) Frosted Ezreal Fiddle me timbers Fiddlesticks Dark candy Fiddlesticks(Christmas Legacy) Fisherman Fizz Toy soldier Gangplank(Christmas Legacy) Desert trooper garen (Legacy) Scuba Gragas(Legacy) Oktoberfest Gragas Riot Graves(Not buyable anymore) Headless Hecarim(Halloween legacy) Snowerdinger Heimerdinger(Christmas legacy) Nightblade Irelia Infiltrator Irelia Frostblade Irelia Tempest Janna Dragonslayer Jarvan IV Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV Angler Jax (Legacy) Temple Jax Nemesis Jax Full Metal Jayce Debonair Jayce Grim Reaper Karthus Deep one Kassadin Sandstorm Katarina Bilgewater Katarina Judgement Kayle(Earned in season 1 only) Deadly Kennen Kennen M.D. Mecha Kha'zix Prestigious LeBlanc Traditional Lee Sin Dragon Fist Lee Sin Muay Thai Lee Sin Sorceress Lux Steel Legion Lux Shamrock Malphite(Legacy) Marble Malphite Obsidian Malphite Glacial Malphite Djinn Malzahar Totemic Maokai Chosen Master Yi Infernal Mordekaiser Lord Mordekaiser Sinful Succulence Morgana Dreadknight Nasus Riot K-9 Nasus(Legacy) Leapord Nidalee(Legacy) French Maid Nidalee Pharaoh Nidalee Frozen Terror Nocturne Grungy Nunu Pentakill Olaf Glacial Olaf Sewn Chaos Orianna Rutheless Pantheon Full Metal Pantheon Noxus Poppy(Legacy) Ninja Rammus Bloodfury Renekton Headhunter Rengar Battle Bunny Riven Bilgerat Rumble Triumphant Ryze(Very Rare)(Legacy) Dark Crystal Ryze Asylum Shaco Frozen Shen(Legacy) Yellow Jacket Shen(Legacy) Surfer Singed PAX Sivir(Rare)(Not Buyable) Sanscourge Skarner Tyrant Swain Justicar Syndra Dragonblade Talon Bloodstone Taric Astronaut Teemo Tango Twisted Fate Underworld Twisted Fate(Halloween Legacy) Gangster Twitch Black Belt Udyr Primal Udyr Battlecast Urgot Vindicator Vayne Aristocrat Vayne Heartseeker Vayne Greybeard Veigar Count Vladimir Feral Warwick(Legacy). Jade Dragon Wukong Runeborn Xerath Scorched Earth Xerath Commando Xin Zhao Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao Pentakill Yorick Groovy Zilean Wildfire Zyra
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