WTS: League of Legends LvL30 with Limited skins,etc

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    LoL account info : General informations : Server : North America Level : 30 Wins : 480+ List of my champions : hostingpics/viewer.ph...4Sanstitre.png Runes Pages : 9 Runes : Marks : Sanstitre - HostingPics - Hébergement d'images gratuit Seals : seals - HostingPics - Hébergement d'images gratuit Glyphs : Glyphs - HostingPics - Hébergement d'images gratuit Quintessences : quins - HostingPics - Hébergement d'images gratuit Skins : -[LEGENDARY] Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath -[LEGACY] Toxic Dr. Mundo -Dreadknight Garen -[LEGACY] Riot Graves -Temple Jax -Mercenary Katarina -[LEGACY] Chosen Master Yi -Pharaoh Nidalee -Ruthless Pantheon -[LEGACY CHAMPIONSHIP] Championship Riven -[LEGACY] Workshop Shaco -Dryad Soraka -Recon Teemo -[LEGENDARY] Astronaut Teemo -Vandal Twitch -Blight Crystal Varus -Neon Strike Vi -Northern Storm Volibear -[LEGACY] Tundra Hunter Warwick -Winged Hussar Xin Zhao -Shockblade Zed Also, I have a 5 wins IP boost. Price im looking : ~35-40$ Negotiable. - - - Updated - - - ohh and by the way, if you are interested, add my : light.yagami478
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.