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    Hello, im selling my LoL account because im kinda bored to this game, and i dont have time for other things :p Account is EUNE atm but u can transfer it for free to EUW if u want. Account is currently 1488 solo rating and im not probably going to play rankeds anymore. Rest of all kinda stuff u can check from pictures and if u need to ask something, go ahead! List of skins i own: Nurse Akali , Unchained Alistar , Longhorn alistar , Little Knight Amumu , Pharaoh Amumu , Queen Ashe , Gentleman Cho'gath (Legendary skin) , Frosted Ezreal , Minuteman Gangplank , Commando Jarvan IV , Deep one Kassadin , Prestigious LeBlanc , Valkyrie Leona , Djinn Malzahar , Secret Agent Miss Fortune , Haunting Nocturne (Limited) , Frejlord Rammus , Cottontail Teemo , Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate , Groovy Zilean. As u can see i have used kinda lot of money on it so account wont be sold for cheap prices, leave ur offers here or email me to: Harshmouse.lol or add me to : muskelihiiri Im only accepting money via paypal and may also accept some other kind offers like gift codes via steam / origin.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.